Saturday, November 13, 2010

Birthday and Baptism

Thursday Matthew turned eight years old. Today he was baptized by his dad. He was excited but a bit nervous because Daddy had tormented him with the thought that he might not bring him up out of the water. Those two love to tease each other.

When Matthew stepped into the font, instead of staying with his dad, he lunged and tried to swim in the warm water. I guess he has spent too much time at the pool – he thought he was going swimming. The mother of the other boy being baptized today chuckled, and she said, “I thought he was going to baptize himself.”

Daddy was able to gently grab Matt and pull him upright before too many people were chuckling. That’s my boy!

The service after the baptism was beautiful. I am thankful that my little boy has chosen to walk in Jesus Christ’s path.

Matthew's first cub scout meeting was on his birthday. He was so excited to go to scouts. I think he looks so cute in his uniform.

Mom, Matthew, and Daddy right before his baptism.

Matt wanted rocky road candy instead of a cake. Aliese is next to him.

Angie and Tim brought this cool rocket kit. It was a hit, and we only lost three of four rockets. Luckily we found them before the day was over.