Sunday, May 30, 2010

Other layouts

I have some other layouts I've done in the last nine months. I haven't posted layouts for so long. Plus I didn't do a lot of scrapping while I was student teaching. Here are the rest of the layouts I did. Most of these are scraplifts of other layouts I've alreay done.

I cut around the balloons and pop dotted them up.
I love the soft look that piecing the background brings.
This one is a Becky Fleck sketch.

Allison Davis and Debbie Sanders' Sketch Books

I recently purchased volume four and volume five of Sketches for Scrapping by Debbie Sanders and Allison Davis. I love these books. I have so many layouts that require at least two pages. These really have kick-started my creativity. I've also used them to create one page layouts.

Here are some of the layouts I created with these sketches. Some of the photographs are a bit skewed, but I promise in real life they are straight. The sketches give the measurments for everything. It makes it easy to get a lot of scrapping done quickly - unless you are me and then you are still slow. I modified most of the sketches to fit my pictures, but it was sure nice to have a jumping off point.
The large soccer balls are messed up because I deleted the names of the kids.

I made the pink flowers with twistle - never get rid of old stuff - you might find a use for it. The centers of the flowers are ribbon rosettes.
Can you see the little school of fish? They even have a teacher - top picture on second page.
I hand cut the curious that is in red.
I hand cut the red lettering.
Hand cut title. The border is a flocked trim that is self adhesive.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Cards from Scraps

I find as I scrapbook that my scrap stash gets bigger and bigger. I have recently challenged myself to make a card with the scraps after completing a layout. Hopefully this will help keep my scrap stash in check. Here are my creations for the last two weeks. Later I'll post the layouts I made with the paper before it was scraps.

The colors are a bit off. I'm not sure what is up with my scanner. I promise everything matches in real life.

This pink one is a scrap lift from someone. I can't remember if I saw the original on Twopeas or if I found it on a blog, but I love it. I used pearl paint to make the dots. I also used up an old vellum scrap on this. I love the shape of the card. The yellow flower is silk. This red heart card is a Becky Fleck sketch. The hearts are mounted on chipboard with the red heart being the thickest so that it stands out. This is the card I made for our moms for Mother's Day. The image is embossed and sanded. The butterfly is covered with micro beads. It didn't photograph very well.
The lady bug scanned really dark. It has black glitter on it.
The flower on this one goes off the edge of the card.

I often leave my cards without a greeting on the front. That way I can grab a card and add the greeting as I need it. My family loves to get homemade cards and if I give them a store bought card they are disapointed. I am good to go for a few months.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gap Tooth Grin

We were running late Friday morning, so while Matt washed his hands, I hurriedly brushed his teeth. His eyes opened wide with surprise the same time as his top front tooth flew out of his mouth. We didn’t hear the tooth land. His eyes filled with tears because he thought the tooth fell in the sink and went straight down the drain. He spit out a mouthful of toothpaste foam on the counter – no tooth. He had been working on this tooth all week and now we couldn’t find it. He was stressing over the “lost” lost tooth while I was stressing over how many minutes were left before the school bell would ring.

In frustration he picked up the hand towel and shook it, and we heard the little tooth hit the floor. After we found the tooth and put it in an envelope we made it up to school before the bell rang. He greeted his teacher with a gap in his smile. He is the last kid in his class to lose a front top tooth. This was a very important day for him.
~ Catherine

I lost my tooth while Mom was brushing my teeth. It accidentally fell out while she was brushing them. Once it fell out, I was looking all over the rug, but I couldn’t find it. I got so mad that I picked up the hand towel and shook it. I heard this little bang on the floor, and I leaned down and picked up my tooth. The Tooth Fairy gave me five bucks; plus I got to keep my tooth.
~ Matthew