Monday, June 30, 2014

I Can Do Big Things

This is Matthew when he was nearly two. He wanted to do whatever Caitie did.

I used a combination of old and new product on this layout.

Friday, June 20, 2014

100 Frozen Layouts - Check

I  made it. It took me exactly seven months, but I have not shopped - even at yard sales for scrapbook products. I have made a dent in my stash, although I still have too much paper.

I used 337 sheets of paper on this challenge, so the fact that still I have too much paper shows that need to limit my future paper purchases.

I also created a lot of cards and recipe cards that did not count toward my layout count. Two page layouts counted as one layout as well.

Now to show the last five layouts of my frozen challenge:

#96 This is Matt as age 3 1/2. He would fall asleep like this often. I loved this paper when I bought it years ago. The title of this layout and the next three are all the same - Heidi Grace flocked stickers - I just chalked them to match the color of the layout on the next two.

 The enamel dots are melted beads.
 #97 - The next four layouts have pictures of my son who is now 34 years old. He is an airman stationed in Qatar at the moment. I miss him and he is constantly on my mind. He took control of this afgan as a baby and still has it.
 The wood accents are part of the birthday gift from Elaine.
 This one has a rub on from Stampin' Up.

 #98 My first layout with hexagons. They are kind of fun.
 The embellishments are from my birthday gift from Elaine.

 #99 This was James's first Christmas.

#100  This is James when he was nearly eleven.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Frozen 94 and 95 and Meet Vincent!

It's been busy here the last two weeks - not much scrapping going on.

School ended, and on the last day of school, we got this:

Vincent Scott - my newest grandson. He doesn't like his hat off.
 Meeting momma.
 With daddy

 With his big sister, Kayana.

 Meeting Uncle Matt.
 I scrapped pictures from a long time ago. This is Matt and his sister Angie - pictures are about 8 years old.

 These pictures are 34 years old and tell about the old car in the background. This is my cute baby, Jimmy. He is all grown up now.
 Many of the embellishments came from my sister, Elaine - Thanks Elaine!


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Frozen 92 and 93

I finished two more layouts this weekend.

This is my granddaughter, Callie.
 All the wood and the buttons came from a birthday gift from my sister, Elaine.

 This is Caitie and her family along with pictures of me and Matt. Kayana didn't like the noise of the fireworks. The firework rhinestones are also from Elaine.