Saturday, November 13, 2010

Birthday and Baptism

Thursday Matthew turned eight years old. Today he was baptized by his dad. He was excited but a bit nervous because Daddy had tormented him with the thought that he might not bring him up out of the water. Those two love to tease each other.

When Matthew stepped into the font, instead of staying with his dad, he lunged and tried to swim in the warm water. I guess he has spent too much time at the pool – he thought he was going swimming. The mother of the other boy being baptized today chuckled, and she said, “I thought he was going to baptize himself.”

Daddy was able to gently grab Matt and pull him upright before too many people were chuckling. That’s my boy!

The service after the baptism was beautiful. I am thankful that my little boy has chosen to walk in Jesus Christ’s path.

Matthew's first cub scout meeting was on his birthday. He was so excited to go to scouts. I think he looks so cute in his uniform.

Mom, Matthew, and Daddy right before his baptism.

Matt wanted rocky road candy instead of a cake. Aliese is next to him.

Angie and Tim brought this cool rocket kit. It was a hit, and we only lost three of four rockets. Luckily we found them before the day was over.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

James's Visit

James was in town for about ten days. We were so happy to have him here. He spent a lot of time with his sweet daughter. I didn't have the camera out as much as I should have; plus a lot of my time was spent at school setting up my classroom - I'll post pictures of that later.

Here are some shots of our windy day at the Kearns Recreation Center.
After a quick dash into the water, Aliese hurried to wrap up in her warm towel.

This is a giant bucket that dumps about 1,000 gallons of water on the kids. Matthew loves this thing. When he hears the bell ring, he runs to get under it.

Here it comes!

Isaac didn't want to look at the water. He wasn't sure if he liked all that water dropping on him.

Caitie, Kayana, and Matthew in one of the inside pools.

Kayana perfecting her parade wave:


Isaac in an outside pool

Callie really likes to swim.

Isaac and Angie

Matt jumping off the high dive:
Tim, Angie, Callie, Caitie, Kayana, Isaac
Time, Callie with her face in her tube, Angie, Kayana, Caitie, Isaac, and Matthew:
James and Aliese
Aliese and Matthew

Callie eating watermelon and
drinking a Capri Sun

I was lucky not to be photographed in my swimsuit today. Maybe next time, I'll be on the other side of the camera.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Isaac

Four years ago yesterday, an incredible little boy entered my life. He came into the world quietly. Happy Birthday Grandson!

Isaac was sick yesterday, so we didn't get to see him on his birthday, but his mom will post pictures on her blog of his birthday and the wonderful "Woody - Buzz" cake that his Aunt Paula made for him.

Isaac is a much loved little boy. Here he is on his first birthday:
I don't have pictures from his second birthday, so you'll have to see those on Angie's blog.

Here he is with his very cool Cars cake that Aunt Paula made:
I couldn't figure out how to get the picture that I took on Skype from the webcam to here, so here is a picture of Isaac from two weeks ago. He is a beautiful child.
Grandma loves you!

Monday, August 2, 2010

"We're Okay!"

Last Monday, Angie, Isaac, Callie, Caitie, and Kayana came for a visit. The boys love to play outside. I check on them frequently and ask, "Are you doing okay?"

It is to the point now that when they hear me open the sliding door, they shout, "We're okay."

When I heard their, "We're okay," from the sandbox which is located under the deck, I went to make a visual check and discovered why our little boys get so gritty.

Yes, they were filling their shirts with sand. Isaac discovered that his hands are faster than sand molds.

He looks pretty happy. Maybe I should try sand in my clothing - it seems to bring joy - or maybe it is the knowledge that he will get to play in the tub soon.

Matt didn't want his picture taken. He said, "You'll put it on the blog and people will think I am fat but it is just sand."
I took his picture anyway. 

I sure hope the neck line of that new shirt goes back into place after I wash it.
Now for the fun part:
All the sand streaming out of their shirts must create an interesting sensation on their legs.

 Meanwhile, inside the house Callie was hugging on Kayana:
I don't think Kayana likes Callie hugs.
I love the look on Kayana's face.
These pictures remind me of when Angie was a baby. She would see another baby - often one bigger than she was and say, "Baby, baby," and try to go love on the other baby.

The grandma gig is the best. I love these little ones so very much.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Re -finished Chair

 I bought this chair at a thrift store many years ago. It had been chewed on by our dog Beauty - over ten years ago. It had been used just as we bought it used for a long time. I finally took it apart and refinished it.
When I took the old covering off the cushion, I was disgusted by what was under it. Yucky! I put it right into the garbage. I can't believe we were sitting on that dirty thing.
I made straps for the seat because I didn't know where to buy new ones.
The back of the chair.
The front:
I learned that it is a lot of work to refinish furniture. I still need to re-do my entire dining room set. I better get to it.

This is the Place - Heritage Park part 2

Yesterday was my 10th anniversary, so I didn't have time to post all the pictures from our trip to This is the Place Heritage Park. I am back tonight to show what else the park has to offer.

On the way to the pony rides, we stopped by an old school house. The kids learned how to write their names using the Deseret Alphabet. The teacher told the kids that if they got in trouble at school, they would get in trouble at home. The boys sat on one side of the room and the girls sat on the other side - this helped keep teasing in check. I wondered how similar this one room school house was to the one my Grandmother taught in back in the 1920s.
All three of the older kids loved riding the ponies. Real ponies are even better than a merry-go-round.

Kayana and Callie were really well behaved. They are the sweetest babies.
The older kids learned how to do laundry the old-fashioned way.
The babies were as cute as ever - all day long.
We found some sheep and the kids fed leaves and apples to them.
We ended the day with candlemaking because it was hot and the candles needed to be taken right home.
We enjoyed our visit to the park. We will go back again. It was well worth the cost of admission.