Thursday, December 13, 2012

Yes, I am still scrapping

sometimes that is. I've had a bit of a dry spell because of the holidays. I have taken a lot more pictures that are not printed. I really need to catch up on that.

This is my grandson, Isaac.

This is my granddaughter, Kayana.

This picture came out so blurry, and I'd already put the layout in her album, so I didn't retake it. This is my granddaughter, Callie

This is a newborn Kayana with her Aunt Angie, and her paternal grandma, Deanna.

Baby Jace - my grandson is now 9 months old. He is such a snuggle bug.

These are my girls when they were pregnant with their girls. The big flower is folded hearts. I used really old paper on this one.

This is a Birthday card. I need to make more cards because I've nearly depleted my supply.

Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22 - Layouts from Last Week

These two layouts show testing that was done on Matthew after he started having seizures. He is doing pretty well - only one seizure in the last six months. The paper on both of these layouts is from yard sales. I used up some old chipboard for the titles.
Little Kayana is so sweet. She was dancing to no music. The paper is also from a yard sale. I also bought the title letters from a yard sale.
 Matt's four and half year old Betta finally died. He was sad, so we buried Daniel in a little wooden box. The paper is a combination of yard sale finds and my stash. The flowers are Primas- old ones. The title stickers are also from my stash.
 Once again more yard sale paper. The flowers are cut using Cricut's Create a Critter. I love that cartridge. Kayana loves her Uncle Brandon and spent the day stealing his hat.
 One day while I was tending Kayana, she hurried to the tissue box and pulled out the tissue as fast as she could. She then began to eat it. The flowers are made from ribbon. The paper is more of what I found at a yard sale a few weeks ago. I bought a 6 inch stack of paper.
 Little Jace was born in March. His momma, Angie, was bathing him in my kitchen sink. He looked so worried. This page is full of old stash that I've had for a long, long time. I am determined not to buy anything new until I make room for more. I will still pick things up at yard sales though. I can't say no to a huge stack of paper for $5 or less.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

October is off to a Good Start

So far this month, I've had three scrapping buddies join me. I've had scrap time with Caitie, Cayli, and Matthew.

I finished up all the Christmas layouts from our Grandma Catherine's Christmas party. I think I still have some to do from Christmas morning of that year. The paper came from a yard sale. I also used up more of the gift tags I bought from a yard sale. I am the worlds cheapest scrapper.

This one has a gift bag that a student gave me with lotion inside. I love the bag - it is so sparkly. I swear I am part racoon. I punched circles for the borders and used rick-rack to finish it off.

This is me with one of my students when I was a student teacher. He was the hardest working young man I've ever met. He was an ESL student. The border punch is by Martha Stewart.
I finally started scrapping Kayana's birth pictures. Her birth traumatized me a bit, so it has taken me a long time to be able to scrap her pictures, but they need to be in her book because she loves to look at it.
In these pictures she seems to be saying, "Oh Grandma, I don't feel so good." She had a hard time getting started, but everything turned out okay.

 This is my daughter, Caitie and her husband Nathan getting to hold Kayana for the first time. It was a long hard labor followed by an emergency c-section, and then Kayana was whisked away because she had a hard time breathing, so they had to wait to hold her.

These next pictures show her poor little face complete with the doctor's handprint, and her head which was bruised and bloody. She is able to grow hair, and her brain is fine - no permanent damage. Her face healed up after about a week. She did end up with some tiny scars on her head, but her hair covers them up.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Christmas in September

I've been scrapping Christmas layouts.

This is my little grand daughter, Kayana.
The paper is K&Company. The title is a gift tag. I picked up a sack of them at a yard sale. The border punch is by fiskars.

More K and company paper. The tree is another gift tag. The beautiful girl is my grand daughter, Aliese.
These are pictures of my daughter, Angie and her two children Isaac and Callie. The paper is K and Company

  More K and company paper. with some painted chipboard that I can't remember where it came from. I have a hard time remembering names. This is me holding my little grand daughter, Callie. I was lucky to get two grand daughters during the same year.

This is Angie with Callie. The paper is Cosmo Cricket. I bought it at a yard sale. There are scraps on the layout that are another brand of paper - but it beats me which one.
I have one more group of pictures to scrap from this Christmas party. I have one every year for my grandkids. We have a cake for Baby Jesus, the kids act out the Christmas story. We make pretzel , kiss, MM candies, and homemade pretzels. Each child gets to pick an ornament off the Christmas tree as well. Santa usually comes to visit at some point during the party.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Powering Through Pictures

I need to develop pictures before they are lost forever (at least the memories of what happened so I can journal, so I am working hard to get pictures from 2009 into books.

This are my sons, Brandon (Santa) and Matthew. I found this Cosmo Cricket paper at a yard sale. The mitten tag is a gift tag. Santa is rhinestones.

This is my little Callie-bug (Granddaughter) and her daddy Tim. She is adorable. I cut the edge off some ribbon to make the garland. It gave it a nice shredded effect. The silver bows are earrings with the backs cut off.

Isaac (Grandson) does not smile easily. He is a very sober kid, so I felt lucky to get these great non-cheesy smiles. I used the Cricut Create a Critter cartridge on this layout.

This is my son, Matthew. The metal signs are old Karen Foster stash. I need to use up my ribbon and rick-rack stash, so I am trying to to put a bit on each layout.

These next two layouts were from earlier this year, but I forgot to post them. Amazing what I find when I edit pictures.

Pictures are of my Son and Granddaughter, James and Aliese.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Layouts for August and part of September

I haven't been scrapping as much because school has begun, but I did get seven layouts done in the last month.

This layout has pictures from an old camera - before I had digital, but I love the pure delight on the faces of my nieces. I used all scraps on this. I am trying to use up my stash so I can go shopping.

 My daughters loved to swing. I used some very old scraps and ghost letters.

Picturs of my daughter, Angie; son-in-law, Tim; and my grandson, Isaac.
This is Isaac's baby sister, Callie. Yes, I need to scrap more to get all these pictures done. I haven't developed pictures for two years. I need to get on it. The paper was left over from her mamma's wedding album. I love this old Karen Foster paper.

 This little sweetie is my granddaughter, Kayana. She is such a happy little one.

Our youngest son, Matthew at Newport Beach in California.

Matthew's 7th birthday. There are 17 pictures on here. I broke page two into four mini layouts in order to fit everything.

I have a layout on the table that is not finished, so maybe it won't take me so long to get back here again.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Callie and little boys

I'm still on a scrapping roll - trying to use up product and get stuff done before school starts. At some point I will even need to develop current pictures.

This is Callie. We were so happy to hear her strong cries. We knew that meant the NICU was not in her future.

Tim is such a good daddy. I am thankful my grandchildren have him as a father. I used up a lot of scraps on this layout.

This is from Callie's blessing day.

This is Matt and Isaac all ready to go to the temple open house. They were both so excited to go see the temple.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Only a few more weeks to scrap before school starts

The last ten days, I've been able to scrap with my sister, Jill, and my daughter-in-law, Cayli. I have also spent time scrapping on my own. School will start in less than an month, and scrapping time will be cut short.

One of the little girls had such a crush on Matt; she would run after him and hold his hand. It really embarrassed him.

This fishing layout is a lift of anderjackie from Twopeasinabucket.
You can see her layout here: Caught

My little guy was all dressed up to go to the temple open house. He looked so cute in his suit.

I did this layout after watching a Glitter Girl video where she showed how to add dimension to layouts. I used a lot of old product on this, and I love how it turned out.

This is my oldest daughter, Angie, my son, Matthew, and my grandson, Isaac.

My youngest daughter, Caitie, and her husband, Nathan were sealed in the SLC temple. It was such a happy day. The pictures are not this washed out in real life.

I still have random Disney pictures from the many trips we have taken there. I think this may be the last of them.

These pictures are from Matt's fourth birthday. He is now nine. I really need to keep this ball rolling and scrap as much as I have in the last ten days. The bottom border on this layout is all from my scraps. I love it when I can use them up.

My goal is to use up old product. I have too much stuff. My other goal is to get to the point that I need to develop the pictures from the end of 2009 and beyond.