Saturday, January 31, 2015

Finishing Off Letter Stickers

On Refupeas yesterday, I noticed a post about not being able to finish off a full pack of stickers, so I challenged myself to finish off a nearly gone pack of stickers that only had a few random letters left - not enough to spell anything. I'd Frankensteined them completely before I stopped using the pack, but I never tossed them.

I stuck the stickers to paper that complemented the color of the stickers, and then punched them with punches. I think it gave the paper some nice texture.

Foot punch
 Star Punches

I made cards with the shapes. 

Now this completely empty set of alphabet stickers can go into the trash. I even used some of the parts around the stickers as more stickers. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Scrapping over Christmas Break

It's been a long time since I've visited my scrap table.

I've finally printed pictures for all of 2013, so I am only a year behind.

This first one is Callie. I used tags that her mama saved for me from Gymboree and other companies.

 I inked the wood embellishments with pink ink. Added rhinestones to the letter for her that is tucked into the Gymboree envelope. Even the polka dot papers are inserts from Gymboree. The flair came from my sister, Elaine. I added a crown to the Little Lass tag and a bit of old ribbon.
 This fun crown is another clothing tag. I added rhinestones to it. She will love it.
 I rarely use gray in my scrapping, but this layout called for it. Inspiration for the design came from Jana Eubank's blog. The white border was made with a small circle punch. This is my daughter Angie and my grandson Jace.
 The one way metal is from my sister Elaine. Yes, I punched out tiny white dots and glued them around the circles.
 Cuddly Zone is a tag from a stuffed animal. Flair I had for a while and the brads came from my sister Elaine.
 All the wood was inked with gray ink.
 The final layout was made first on November 7 - just a few days before Angie's stroke, and as you can see, I didn't get back to my table until yesterday. Now that she is doing better, my creative vibe is coming back. These are pictures of my son James and grand daughter Aliese.
 Yes, that is an old vellum leaf cut from old vellum paper.
 This little one sure loves her dad.