Friday, May 28, 2010

Cards from Scraps

I find as I scrapbook that my scrap stash gets bigger and bigger. I have recently challenged myself to make a card with the scraps after completing a layout. Hopefully this will help keep my scrap stash in check. Here are my creations for the last two weeks. Later I'll post the layouts I made with the paper before it was scraps.

The colors are a bit off. I'm not sure what is up with my scanner. I promise everything matches in real life.

This pink one is a scrap lift from someone. I can't remember if I saw the original on Twopeas or if I found it on a blog, but I love it. I used pearl paint to make the dots. I also used up an old vellum scrap on this. I love the shape of the card. The yellow flower is silk. This red heart card is a Becky Fleck sketch. The hearts are mounted on chipboard with the red heart being the thickest so that it stands out. This is the card I made for our moms for Mother's Day. The image is embossed and sanded. The butterfly is covered with micro beads. It didn't photograph very well.
The lady bug scanned really dark. It has black glitter on it.
The flower on this one goes off the edge of the card.

I often leave my cards without a greeting on the front. That way I can grab a card and add the greeting as I need it. My family loves to get homemade cards and if I give them a store bought card they are disapointed. I am good to go for a few months.


  1. Those are gorgeous. You are so creative!

  2. WOW sweetie! Those are GREAT!
    Just like all your LO's.

    That is a good challenge ....
    Card the Scraps. I'm going to
    try it. ;) TR