Sunday, January 23, 2011

James's Visit

James came home after Christmas. He didn't tell Aliese he was coming. He dressed up as Santa Claus and came in with a big bag of toys for all the kids. He handed out the toys, and of course the kids were excited to open them. We asked Aliese, "Don't you want to sit on Santa's lap?"

"Why?" she responded.

"To tell him thank you for the gifts."

She climbed up on his lap, and while she was looking at the rest of us, he took off the beard and the wig. Aliese was so happy, she cried.

Earlier in the month, we had our Christmas Party. I am without photo editing software at the moment, so I can only post the pictures that are right side up.

Jeez, I need to take more horizontal shots. I think I best be getting some photo editing software, so I can show you the cute pictures of the babies in beads, Callie hiding from Santa, Caitie and Angie on Santa's lap, and Cayli kissing Santa. I have a few cute pictures of Isaac as well. He moves fast and is often a blur in his pictures.