Sunday, March 18, 2012

Layouts from the last month or so

After not scrapping for a couple of weeks, Cayli and I scrapped yesterday. I completed two layouts yesterday, but I had ten that I hadn't posted yet.

Pictured are my grandchildren Aliese and Sean. They will be getting a new sibling in the fall.

Pictured: Aliese, James, and me at Pearl Harbor. 

Pictured: Matt at Bellows on Oahu.

Pictured: Sean - camping.

Pictured: Sean

Pictured: Aliese and Matt at Bellows on Oahu.

Pictured: Grandson Isaac, Daughter Angie and her husband Tim.

Pictured: Grandson Sean

I love these pictures of Sean. He looks like an angel.

My son Matthew sledding near our home.

Matt and Aliese at the Kearns Rec. Center

It took him a while, but he finally was able to ride with two wheels after he was nearly too big to ride.


  1. I love all these layouts! Cute kids! :-)

  2. What treasures you compile for your family!
    (p.s. Loved your note on my blog about your grandmother's porch - porches have special resonance for me - and next-next book has a porch in it . . .)