Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Frozen 94 and 95 and Meet Vincent!

It's been busy here the last two weeks - not much scrapping going on.

School ended, and on the last day of school, we got this:

Vincent Scott - my newest grandson. He doesn't like his hat off.
 Meeting momma.
 With daddy

 With his big sister, Kayana.

 Meeting Uncle Matt.
 I scrapped pictures from a long time ago. This is Matt and his sister Angie - pictures are about 8 years old.

 These pictures are 34 years old and tell about the old car in the background. This is my cute baby, Jimmy. He is all grown up now.
 Many of the embellishments came from my sister, Elaine - Thanks Elaine!



  1. Congratulations to your family Catherine. I can see your camera getting a lot more use now!

  2. Catherine, I've been following you and the Frozen thread on 2peas (as well as being frozen myself) for the last several months. Congrats! I'm just now catching up, and I think you are done now, but way to go!!! I was giggling because I think you said you were either running out, low, or not feeling it with any of the embellies you had left back when you were doing LO#80 or so, and I noticed that the last few LOs I saw, you mentioned embellies from your sister, Elaine :) Thank goodness for sisters ;) haha. Heidi aka move4life p.s. You have made some beautiful LOs regardless of when the product was made. Simply fantastic!! I loved the Magnificent Seven back a few posts ago as well as both of these LOs. Esp the 2nd one...swoon! :)