Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This is the Place - Heritage Park

On Monday, Angie, Isaac, Callie, Aliese, Caitie, Kayana, Matthew, and I went to This is the Place Heritage Park. Although it was hot, we had a lot of fun. Aliese said, "This is a fun day." We all agreed with her.

Isaac was impressed even before we made it through the gates - did you know they have rocks in the parking lot?
I packed a picnic lunch and after we ate, I thought I'd try to get some group pictures. I decided to try with the three older kids. It is quite a feat to get three children to look at me at the same time while they smile.
We almost had it - almost. Two out of three isn't bad.
Then we decided to add the babies. If I couldn't get three out of three, I don't know what made me think I could get five out of five.
I almost had them all - Isaac is even smiling - a rare accomplishment in a photograph.

We waited for the train. Matt and Aliese made sharp sticks on the concrete.
Matt lost his stick under the seat of the train. Sharpened sticks are pretty easy to come by. He soon forgot about it.

Isaac was very happy to be on the train. I think this was one of his favorite things of the day.
Aliese and Grandma Catherine on the train.

Isaac pans for gold (Iron Pyrite).
Isaac is very focused when he pans for gold. He is determined to find some.
We climbed aboard a ship for our journey to America. The kids climbed into the hard bunks. We were surprised at how small and hard these bunks were. I think the pioneers were made of much tougher stuff than we are.
Aliese is making the best of her hard bunk.
I don't think Isaac likes this bed at all.
Matthew has gone to sleep.
We visited some hogans and teepees, and the kids made arrowhead necklaces.
The babies were adorable. Angie and Caitie were with us. The picture I took of them has disappeared. I will download it again tomorrow.

I will finish posting the rest of the pictures tomorrow. I am out of time today.


  1. We sure had a fun time. Love the pictures. I like that you got some good ones of Isaac smiling!