Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22 - Layouts from Last Week

These two layouts show testing that was done on Matthew after he started having seizures. He is doing pretty well - only one seizure in the last six months. The paper on both of these layouts is from yard sales. I used up some old chipboard for the titles.
Little Kayana is so sweet. She was dancing to no music. The paper is also from a yard sale. I also bought the title letters from a yard sale.
 Matt's four and half year old Betta finally died. He was sad, so we buried Daniel in a little wooden box. The paper is a combination of yard sale finds and my stash. The flowers are Primas- old ones. The title stickers are also from my stash.
 Once again more yard sale paper. The flowers are cut using Cricut's Create a Critter. I love that cartridge. Kayana loves her Uncle Brandon and spent the day stealing his hat.
 One day while I was tending Kayana, she hurried to the tissue box and pulled out the tissue as fast as she could. She then began to eat it. The flowers are made from ribbon. The paper is more of what I found at a yard sale a few weeks ago. I bought a 6 inch stack of paper.
 Little Jace was born in March. His momma, Angie, was bathing him in my kitchen sink. He looked so worried. This page is full of old stash that I've had for a long, long time. I am determined not to buy anything new until I make room for more. I will still pick things up at yard sales though. I can't say no to a huge stack of paper for $5 or less.


  1. Wonderful layouts all! Pretty cool that you included those MRI images to help tell the story.

  2. WOW! Look at all these've been busy. I agree with Madeline, pretty cool to include those MRI images. I'm glad he is doing better.

  3. Oh my goodness... you have made so many layouts! Love the MRI one!