Sunday, October 7, 2012

October is off to a Good Start

So far this month, I've had three scrapping buddies join me. I've had scrap time with Caitie, Cayli, and Matthew.

I finished up all the Christmas layouts from our Grandma Catherine's Christmas party. I think I still have some to do from Christmas morning of that year. The paper came from a yard sale. I also used up more of the gift tags I bought from a yard sale. I am the worlds cheapest scrapper.

This one has a gift bag that a student gave me with lotion inside. I love the bag - it is so sparkly. I swear I am part racoon. I punched circles for the borders and used rick-rack to finish it off.

This is me with one of my students when I was a student teacher. He was the hardest working young man I've ever met. He was an ESL student. The border punch is by Martha Stewart.
I finally started scrapping Kayana's birth pictures. Her birth traumatized me a bit, so it has taken me a long time to be able to scrap her pictures, but they need to be in her book because she loves to look at it.
In these pictures she seems to be saying, "Oh Grandma, I don't feel so good." She had a hard time getting started, but everything turned out okay.

 This is my daughter, Caitie and her husband Nathan getting to hold Kayana for the first time. It was a long hard labor followed by an emergency c-section, and then Kayana was whisked away because she had a hard time breathing, so they had to wait to hold her.

These next pictures show her poor little face complete with the doctor's handprint, and her head which was bruised and bloody. She is able to grow hair, and her brain is fine - no permanent damage. Her face healed up after about a week. She did end up with some tiny scars on her head, but her hair covers them up.


  1. you've been very busy. love the Christmas layouts and it is good you were able to get going on the grand baby layouts. i can't image the trauma you all went through although it looks like you have a beautiful baby on your hands!

  2. Love your pages. I wish I would luck out and find some scrapbook paper at a garage sale.

  3. Such lovely pages! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great pages! You do great work with yard sale finds!! Those are so sweet baby photos. Glad it turned out ok. Poor thing.

  5. So many great pages and done frugally as well! Great job with your garage sale finds!

  6. Awww poor little sweetie, so glad everything turned out in the end.
    Your layouts are all lovely.
    I really like the Christmas layouts, so much dimension.

  7. I can understand the angst you and baby's parents must have felt. Happy baby and all recovered!