Monday, June 10, 2013

June 2013 Layouts

These are pictures of my grandchildren, Aliese and Sean with their new brother, Xander. Yes, the cream dots are paper punched and glued around the blue paper. Yes, I am a little bit crazy.

Matt and I spent a day at a lake near our house.

I never thought I'd use the back ground paper on this one, but there is always a use for nearly every paper. After we got back from the lake, we made a baking soda bomb and lemonaide in a bag.

My granddaughter Kayana and I almost share a birthday. Her day is two days after mine. The embellishments were cut from patterned paper.



  1. I'm impressed how you can use so many photos on a page without it looking cluttered. Love the red with your cut embellishments, it's such a happy looking page. - Actually I love them all and your little white dots just makes the whole page that much better. I was thinking how I would do the dots - I'm so messy with glue. Painting would be out, even though I have a "dotter" but I'd get to the end and smear the last few. Then I thought, I know I'd Photoshop the page - but duh, no white ink!

  2. The dots frame is so pretty ! I have the last pink paper, but didn't use it : love your design with these diagonals ! Very inspiring. I would like that your photos are bigger because I enjoy looking at them.