Sunday, March 9, 2014

Frozen 61 and 62

At this point, I'd almost like to count two page layouts as two, but I won't. My goal was to complete 100 layouts without shopping for anything but adhesive and blades, so I will stick with it. A layout is a layout - one or two pages.

This is my grand daughter Callie's first birthday. I'm glad I got to these pictures as she is turning five this year and starting kindergarten. She is such a sweet child.

The one is cut with my Cricut. I love the sparkly paper that I picked up at a yardsale last summer. I think I must be part raccoon or something. I am finding as I complete this challenge that I really like sparkly things - rhinestones, glitter, glitter paper, and such, so now when I go shopping after I complete the last 38 layouts, I will buy more sparkly stuff.
 The tiny flowers are punched from the glitter background paper.

  This little one is my grand daughter Kayana.
The telephone is from Cricut - Summer in Paris. My son didn't know what it was. When I told him is was a phone, he argued with me and said, "How is that a phone." He pointed to the handset and said, "So if it is a phone,what is this?" I cut the base with black cardstock and covered it with glitter glue.

 I love this picture.


  1. The cake layout is my favorite but both are well done. I am so encouraged by your frozen layouts. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!

  2. Great layouts. they are both so pretty!