Saturday, March 15, 2014

Frozen 63 and 64

I better kick up my speed a bit if I plan on finishing my freeze before yard-sale seasons starts. The sales will start next month, and I am still 36 layouts away from my goal. Oh, dear.

This is my little grandson, Jace. He is now two years old. I love when babies find their hands.

 The details: The title
 Some old Hot off the Press Velum.

This is my son, Matthew, who is now eleven and no longer wants to help clean up.
 This simple looking layout took me way too much time to complete. I am a slow-poke! However, I used up a lot of eyelets on this one.


  1. These are fun I love your style! Stop being so hard on yourself!

  2. I LOVE the eyelets! I'm going to have to steal this idea, as I have a bunch I should use up, thanks!

  3. Great way to use up some eyelets...i have a bout a zillion to use so must remember this.
    My grankids were here for asleep over and askedto help with some chores. They are 5 and 7 and wanted to earn some money.
    They did such a great job doing allthe things I hate to do. They left proudly clutching ten bucks each and announced to my daughter...if you get one of those mini vacuums (stick vacuum that Grandmas has, we will do all your vacuuming! lol, Wonder how long that will last.

    Great layouts

  4. Both layouts are adorable! I love what you did with the eyelets!