Monday, May 2, 2016

Hey, Listen!

If you are a Legend of Zelda fan like my son, Matthew, you will know what that title means. He has dressed up as Link for many Halloweens. This year he was Dark Link.  We made his costume. We found the sword and shield on We also bought some pointed ears, but they would not stay on. The grey sweater and belts came from a thrift shop. the arm bands are soccer shin-guards that we painted black and he and his brother used a silver sharpie to add the details. He wore leggings under his tunic, and we found some boots at the thrift store that we painted black. I made the tunic and hat out of fleece.

I found a triforce online and used it to cut that background, which I inked and then covered most of it up.

The title is sanded letter stickers, and I used a tag that come from a backpack we bought for him. I found the ocarina online - printed it and cut it out. 
 More embellishments from online.

 The border punch is by Martha Stewart.


  1. Brilliant costume and I love the sanded back title.

  2. Great layout! Lots of fun little touches.