Friday, April 29, 2016

Anson Call Home

I grew up in a Historical Site - a house built in 1861. Matthew wants to buy and restore it, but the damage from the fire was pretty bad. I'd love to see it restored.

All the tags are altered. The two on the right were clothing tags. I've added metal, patterned paper, ink, and fiber to dress them up. The car was cut from the bottom of the background paper. I find that when paper has a border design, it almost never ends up in a place to fit my design, so I make it work.
 The 'life is beautiful' is part of the clothing tag, which reads "Life is beautiful, dress accordingly." I cut what I needed and chucked the rest.


  1. Nice work on those tags- I admire your attention to detail!

  2. Gorgeous layout! Love looking at all of your clusters and layers and of course, how you use everyday items.

  3. Your use of clothing tags is brilliant. I may need to start hording those as well. I love your idea to use the car. I guess I can use up some more of those hard to use papers.