Monday, August 2, 2010

"We're Okay!"

Last Monday, Angie, Isaac, Callie, Caitie, and Kayana came for a visit. The boys love to play outside. I check on them frequently and ask, "Are you doing okay?"

It is to the point now that when they hear me open the sliding door, they shout, "We're okay."

When I heard their, "We're okay," from the sandbox which is located under the deck, I went to make a visual check and discovered why our little boys get so gritty.

Yes, they were filling their shirts with sand. Isaac discovered that his hands are faster than sand molds.

He looks pretty happy. Maybe I should try sand in my clothing - it seems to bring joy - or maybe it is the knowledge that he will get to play in the tub soon.

Matt didn't want his picture taken. He said, "You'll put it on the blog and people will think I am fat but it is just sand."
I took his picture anyway. 

I sure hope the neck line of that new shirt goes back into place after I wash it.
Now for the fun part:
All the sand streaming out of their shirts must create an interesting sensation on their legs.

 Meanwhile, inside the house Callie was hugging on Kayana:
I don't think Kayana likes Callie hugs.
I love the look on Kayana's face.
These pictures remind me of when Angie was a baby. She would see another baby - often one bigger than she was and say, "Baby, baby," and try to go love on the other baby.

The grandma gig is the best. I love these little ones so very much.


  1. I love these pictures! Kayana will grow to love those Callie hugs. They will be good friends; I have already decided this.

    Love you!

  2. Lol. I'm sure when they get older the girls will be best friends. Way cute pictures Mom.

    Love you

  3. lol about worry about the bloggers thinking he's fat. Just a few minutes ago I was looking for a picture of my daughter and I told her I needed one without a mustache and she looks in the files and says this one is good. lol At least she didn't say ..don't put me in your blog mom (which I'm sure she wants to at times).