Monday, June 14, 2010


I struggle with decorating - just look at the empty white walls in my house and you will see what I mean. It is very sad. I painted Matt's room over a year ago and just today finished hanging pictures on the walls. I noticed that I need to now touch up the paint. I still haven't hung even one thing on the guest room walls. I painted that room well over a year ago.

For Matthew's room, I found some white frames with white mats at the DI for 1.50 a piece. They had some ugly flower pictures in them. They still had the price tags from Bed, Bath, and Beyond - $19.99, so I saved quite a bit.

I didn't take picture of the process of making the frames match his room, but I'll explain it to you. I used spray paint to paint the frames dark brown. I painted the edge of the mats with dark brown acrylic paint. I covered the fronts of the mats with scrapbook paper cut to fit, and I inked the edges of the mats and the pictures with destressing ink. I cut the pictures to fit the inside of the mats since I couldn't get the glue to release the old flower pictures.

I did take pictures of the hanging process. I have ruined more walls trying to hang pictures correctly. I found this technique on another blog and I love it.

You lay everything out on wrapping paper. Draw around your frames - make sure they are level. Tape the wrapping paper on the wall. Again, make sure you have the paper hung level. Pound in your nails. Pull the paper off, and hang your pictures. No mess, no extra holes in the walls, and every thing is right where you want it.
Hey Angie - do you recognize that ruler?

No, I didn't hang the Black Link upside down. I was just getting it placed.

Yes, those are pictures of my boy dressed in his Link costumes. He has a black Link costume. He wishes he was black because black skin is so much cooler than white skin. Black link has red eyes and white hair. He has grown out of his red Link costume (that costume means Link can withstand fire), and his green Link costume. He loves the Legend of Zelda. He has five different Legend of Zelda Games. The middle picture is a rendering of the real Link.
He loves his Legend of Zelda room. I still need to touch up the paint. It is always something.


  1. Looks good Mom. A lot better than those flowers.

  2. You've done such a spiffy job with Matthew's room. The desk and now the frames - I want to follow you around with all your great buys. Mine would probably sit for years though until I got around to finishing them! Great Job with yours.

  3. Looks great! I've had paint for my daughter's room for over a year. I need to get the patching sanded that I finally got around to before I even paint!

  4. That ruler doesn't happen to have my name on the back, does it? :) I wondered where that went! Looks great, Mom. Can't wait to see it up close!