Saturday, June 26, 2010

Weekend with the Grandkids

Angie spent the weekend with me. I loved having her here. Callie was such a little ham Friday night. She has the cutest personality.
Angie and Callie:

Callie anticipating the flash:

Callie has a new smile now that her two top teeth have gotten larger.

Caitie brought Kayana over and we decided to bath the babies together. Isaac came in and asked Angie, "Should I take a bath? Should I; Should I?" so of course we put him in the tub as well.

Kayana - all smiles.
A blurry one of Callie, but she is so cute, I had to add it.
Kayana getting dried off:
Callie showing that even with teeth she can still fold that top lip over her gums:
I kept Isaac and Callie while Angie and Caitie had a yard sale over at Caitie house. I was thankful to have them. I don't get to tend them often, so it was a real treat. Driving an hour for a baby sitter isn't something that is done very often. Callie awoke this morning full of smiles and giggles. Isaac was not happy that his mom was at the yard sale without him, but he soon warmed up and randomly said, "I love you Grandma." He also said, "Matthew is a good uncle. Boys are uncles, so I am an uncle too." We talked about how one becomes an uncle. I think he got it.
This is how Isaac and Matthew spent Saturday:
I asked a very serious Isaac to smile, so . . .
he tilted his head - in Isaac speak that must be a smile.
Trampolines are not just for jumping;
they are also used as tummy warmers.
Caitie came over for dinner Saturday, so I had three of my four grandchildren here. The babies are so cute together. Callie took a toy away from Kayana and then tried to feed it to her. I often wish I had a camera in my eye for all those times when the camera is not right with me. I love being a grandma. Nothing beats hugs from my grandchildren.

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  1. These pictures are adorable! I really enjoyed visiting; thanks for having us over!