Saturday, January 18, 2014

Frozen 44 and 45

129 sheets of paper later, I have completed 45 layouts.

This is my grandson, Sean, at Bellows on Oahu. He is the sweetest little boy - so loving. The flowers were cut from patterned paper, and I added glitter glue to the centers.
 I've gotten a lot of titles from this one set of thickers. I am running out of any letters that can be Frankensteined into what I need.
 Close up of the flowers.

Elaina, Sean's mom, taught Matthew how to boogie board. The pictures were taken from the beach when the daylight was fading, so they are not the best, but I love the look on Matt's face when he catches that first wave. He's up! She is a patient teacher. Some of the shells on this are from the North shore. The pictures are from Bellows on Oahu.
I saved the center button of the large flower forever, and liked it enough with this layout to finally use it.

Yes, that is a Jolee's starfish sticker.

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