Saturday, May 31, 2014

Frozen 88, 89, 90, & 91

Still hanging in there. Only 9 more layouts to go.

First up is Magnificent Seven - my seven children - who it is nearly impossible to get them all home at the same time, so we had one on face time on the ipad.

 The vellum US was from a pack that was given to me for mother's day. The family ribbon slides were from our swap.
 The enamel flower eyelets came from a yard sale from a year ago. The title was cut with my Cricut.

 This is Matthew and his cousin, Gavin. I used bubble wrap and paint to make the background paper.
 The enamel dots were made with beads - melted in the oven. The circle was sewn with the machine.

 My husband was in these pictures and since he doesn't want his face online, it has been replaced. Pictured are Matthew and Drew.

 Almost everything on this page came from our swap. This is my grandson, Isaac dressed as a Christmas tree for Halloween.
 The title was cut with the Cricut.


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  1. All of these are fantastic! The Magnificent Seven is my favorite!

    I can't believe you are waiting till you get done with 100 layouts to shop! I tried the 50 challenge once and made it to whopping 7, I think could have been a couple more. lol